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Visual IMPACT Advertising
HAND PAINTED Washable Window Painter/since 1986
Traditional, Extraordinary, or Xtreme graphic service
CUSTOM Vinyl Laced Tempera/Acrylic watercolor Washable Paint
....with UV protection (will withstand the elements)-but easily removable.

Indoor Commercial and residential wall Murals
Home / Office faux wall painting / Lettering / stenciling
PAPER or Vinyl / Event Booth / store business Display Banners/ exhibits
LOGO painting (exact logo replication) Interior-Exterior Wall and vehicles
OUTDOOR Hand or Vinyl Lettering Specialist
Window splash painted advertising Bakersfield
utilizes storefront window space to its maximum VISUAL potential,
with brilliant primary and/or fluorescent NEON Day-Glow colors.
The objective of a window splash is to attract potential customers to your product or service, particularly at the point of sale.
Compared to TV, Newspapers, Flyers, Social Media, and other forms of direct advertising, Bakersfield Window Painting / Splash Advertisingis an attractive, cost effective way to advertise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A window splash ad will cost substantially less, and will last for a long time. (UV Clear protective Coating available)
Window splash advertising creates a greater, more immediate IMPACT response, because of the unique layout, design approximation, and brilliant NEON or Primary colors.
approximate cost/ $15-$40 per lineal Horizontal foot, (depending on design complexity, groundbase, height, and customer urgency)
Heights over 8ft. will be an additional 20% cost/ Heights 12-40+ft please inquire
Travel cost for OUT of Town services- .65 per round trip mile from 93301

In today's economy, businesses need to constantly search for new ways to remain competitive. Not only should products and prices be looked at, but also the advertising dollars and their effectiveness.
The response we get from managers and business owners regarding the effectiveness of window splash ads has been incredible.

The challenge today, regarding business promotion/ impact advertising, is no longer about guessing . It’s about determining what’s effective, and then applying those insights to decisions that make a difference. We at Bakersfield Window Painting, have been trained with advertising insights that work and are effective. Our effectiveness is developed by targeting customers with Visual Agressiveness. Most call this agressiveness as IMPACT ADVERTISING!
We approach every client engagement as unique, and have a full arsenal of qualitative and quantitative research techniques at our disposal. We have also developed a set of tools & rules, that help promote our clients visability quickly, efficiently and effectively. (second sight approach)
Window Advertising effectiveness, is obtained by using 4 simple elements--Design, color, weight and contrast .
In addition we group copy, into related readable blocks or segments.
We use basic design principles, that have proven to increase the total visual IMPACT.
One of those principles involves deciding what is the sign’s primary message and what is the secondary or supporting copy.
Another principle involves knowing how to emphasize the primary message for 100% readability.
IMPACT Advertising is a "WINNER" for immediate business promotion.
Why not see what window splash advertising can do for you?
Bakersfield Window Painting, California
..........an effective, well designed alternative,
for UNIQUE BUSINESS Advertising
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**window splash painting  painter art bakersfield**
Bakersfield Window Painting Splash ART painter
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